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Create ‘Magic in Minutes’ with Feather Banners


The past two years, during the worldwide pandemic, things have been very challenging for us all.  We at Wind Visuals have decided to expand our product line to focus more on localized marketing to include an old favorite line of products to adorn households with whirly gigs, garden ornaments, hot air balloon mobiles, wind generators and more.  We have also added a line of Amish crafted sheds and outdoor furniture designed and built with the quality and care synonymous by the Amish Craftsman.

In today’s digitized world, where online brand marketing is what every business needs and finds essential. We offer EYE-CATCHING, CUSTOMIZED FEATHER BANNERS, AIR DANCERS, EXTENSIVE LINE OF 15’ COMMERCIAL FEATHER FLAGS and much more that attract the onlookers drive towards your brand. Our Wedding Feather Banners remain popular for that special day as a elegant decor backdrop. Special events, festivals, sporting events and numerous corporate meetings and conventions can customize their message with our digital custom print services.

We create lightweight, durable, easy to assemble, top-quality and elegant Feather Banners that flap and wave with the wind.

During the day, the wind and sunshine can enhance the visual appeal when the Feather Banners flutter. Whereas at night, the BANNER BATTERY OPERATED LED UPLIGHTS AND WASHES glorify the beauty of Feather Banners with amazing visual effects.



Air Toys & Spinners
Air Toys & Spinners 1
Holiday Seasonal
Hot Air Ballon Mobiles
Petite Spinners
Petite Spinners
Larger Windwheels & Whirlygigs
1 Air Toys & Spinners
Swimming Fish, Hero Flags & More
Swimming Fish, Hero Flags
Wind Generators & Ornamental Wind Art
Wind Generators & Ornamental Wind Art



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