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Based out of Vermont, WIND VISUALS specializes in the production and distribution of decorative feather banners. Easily rented or purchased for any party or event, WIND VISUALS’ banners provide an elegant visual effect that is alluring and unique in nature. Our Feather Banners help to produce an unforgettable aura at any wedding, reception, or other elegant gatherings. Your guests will be awed by our highflying, eye-catching decorations. With quick installation and top of the line equipment and materials, WIND VISUALS' Feather Banners add the perfect accent to any festive celebration, no matter how big or small.

Wind Visuals has been involved in several high profile events going back as far as 1989, when they introduced kite shows and feather banners to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Having a professional knowledge of the wind and how it can affect flying props has proven to be a real advantage when designing our exclusive line of 20- foot tall wedding feather banners.

We always have our rental dealers’ concerns at the forefront so that we can provide a small, logistically friendly, ELEGANT visual impact that is lightweight, compact, and easily assembled.

First presented to the rental industry at the 2006 edition of The Rental Show in Orlando, we have grown our network of Wedding Feather Banner rental dealers worldwide to over 225 locations where brides have access to wedding feather banner rental plans for that special day. Special effects such as lighting, projections, gobos, color-coordinated streamers matching the brides color theme, and even monogrammed banners that are digitally custom printed for the proud couple can easily be added to any rental.

WIND VISUALS Special Events Collection consists of more than 18 solid colors, as well as our Patriotic and Rainbow designs. We have also added a line of generically printed commercial banners often rented or sold to retail businesses of all types. The Fairs & Festivals Collection provides another rental item for local festivals & fairs. Our art department can also produce high quality digital acid-dye custom printed banners for all branding needs.

Contact us for more information and/or to take advantage of our ONGOING PROMOTIONAL OFFERS.

Wind Visuals


Marine Marathon Rental

February 5, 2010

To Whom It May Concern,

Last fall, the Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) procured the services of Wind Visuals to provide and manage installation of approximately 320 feather banners along a mile-long stretch of the course of the Marine Corps Marathon. Due to the professionalism, skills, and knowledge of the staff as well as the efficiency and smoothness of the operation, the Crystal City BID recommends Wind Visuals to other organizations seeking such services.

Since 2006, the Crystal City has hosted miles 22 and 23 of the Marine Corps Marathon, brining nearly 35,000 marathon runners through local streets and past local businesses. As the primary mission of the Crystal City BID is to change how people see and perceive Crystal City, ensuring that the runners receive a colorful, energetic, and welcoming experience is an important goal of the day’s activities. The colorful flags provided by Wind Visuals team far surpassed our expectations.

Given this experience, the Crystal City BID team recommends the services of Wind Visuals to other organizations seeking implementation of large-scale, colorful event displays.

-Robert Mandel,
Vice President of Operations

August 13, 2008

To Whom it May Concern,

The Softub Feather Banner program has been a tremendous success for our dealers. The dealers have reported that they are easy to assemble and very good at attracting attention. Our dealers work primarily with a booth/exhibit scenario and are always looking for ways to attract attention.

The quality of the product is very high and we have received excellent service. Everyone at Wood N’ Kites (Wind Visuals) has gone “above and beyond” to help us get our program off the ground.

I can highly recommend this product to any business or organization seeking to draw attention to an event or location.

-Tisha Mitchell,
Softub Marketing

Pete, We have had the banners for just one week and we are seeing more people who have stopped in because they thought something was going on......"let's take a look". I have a total of 5 banners that we have waving the customers in. Great product and great attention getter!

Kathy Pelchat
Skyhaven Cafe
Blandon, PA

Hi Pete,
I just got the shipment of the banners and they look great! I haven't tried putting them together yet; we'll do that tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for all your help and for accommodating our rush order!
The event was yesterday and they looked great and were a big hit! Thanks again

-Alan Lett
Ward & Ames Special Events
(713) 266 9696

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